Nupur School featured in ‘Alo Sruti Patrika’, a talking newspaper for blind people

In the 153th version of the Alo Sruti Patrika (Published and freely distributed to people with severe eye sight problem by Kiran Talking Newspapers), Nupur School of Rabindra Sangeet was featured.

In a very easy and open environment, our principal Smt Pompa Dhar talked about her life and how she established this school. She shared the history of starting Nupur.

Few of the Nupur students also sang few Rabindrasangeets for this version of the Alo talking newspaper.

Here is a clip taken from this newspaper for you all.

Alo Sruti Patrika is doing a brilliant job trying to enrich the lives of people with blindness or very bad eye sight. We wish them all the best.

If you know any bengali speaking blind person, you could pass their details to Alo Sruti Patrika. That way, they would get Alo Sruti Patrika delivered to them over post (for free).
Here is the contact address :

Mr. K Chowdhury
Kiran Talking Newspapers
8, Cameron House
80, Pound Lane
London, NW10 2HT

Thank you!